What to Do in a Creative Dry Spell

It is a common occurrence for all creative personality kinds. One day you wake up feeling like you cannot think of another creative thing.

There are those who refer to this as some call it a “creative dry spell. ” Writers might refer to it as “writer’s block. ” Whatever the scenario, this means that you’re having trouble becoming creative at the time you’re supposed to be. But you are able to beat and even capitalize on your creative dry spell to achieve success.

Disconnect for a While

If you make use of a lot in technology, have a television a lot, or are usually using screens the best thing you can do while you’re having an uninspired period is to stop using. You can turn off the notifications and turn off the TV and avoid answering your phone. Sometimes, being bored is a major catalyst for creativity.

Change Your Scenery

If you’re indoors, get outdoors. If you’re outdoors, go indoors. Not only will you fill your mind with new or exciting information that can stimulate creativity, but you’ll also delight in the new environment.

Listen to Your Favorite Music

Music can help you feel more confident and imaginative. If your favorite music doesn’t be effective, try listening a completely new kind of music you’ve not listened to before. Perhaps classical music or other kinds that you listen to will put your brain to go into creative mode.

Get Moving

If your space for creativity requires you to sit, as writing, you should get up and move. You can take a walk. Jump rope. Dance. Get your blood pumping and move away from the computer.


Find something to read to help you consider something new for a while. Reading is always beneficial if you come across something helpful in the book, since you will be learning as well.

Go Through the Motions

Sometimes , you’re working under deadlines which make it difficult to be creative, or believe you’re not able. It’s essential to believe in the process , and begin from the beginning and just do it from point A until point B. You may surprise yourself.

Just Do Anything

Do not worry about whether what you’re doing is great or not. Do something, anything even if you think it’s ridiculous. That will help you trigger your imagination. In the middle, it may help you more than you imagine.

Hire Someone to Do It for You

You can always find someone else to do whatever it is you require. Is it difficult to come up with an ideal book cover in the time you’ve wanted that client so badly? Find a person to outsource the project to and work with them to come up with fresh ideas.

Try a Different Creative Endeavor

Sometimes, switching to a creative endeavor can make a difference. If you’re writer consider painting or knitting. These activities can bring out more imaginative sparks, and assist you to get over it, while adding something new to your life.

Take Care of You

Drinking enough water, eating right along with a regular exercise routine and getting enough sleep all contribute to your capacity to be the creative person you want to be. If you’re truly determined to be a creative person, take care of yourself as much as you can.