About Us

Who We Are?

In June 2020, Ppehrc for Business Growth was founded. The Centre offers world-class business development programs that equip company owners, CEOs, Managing Directors, and other members of their executive teams with the information and skills necessary to expand their businesses. The structured classes are taught by Growth Experts who have founded, developed, and exited their own businesses. We assess each Clinic, Growth Ramp, and Module based on the fact that 95% to 100% of executives and CEOs suggest our programs to others seeking growth.


Our goal is to discover, study, educate, and distribute essential information, skills, and values that allow small and medium-sized businesses to transition into more creative and sustainable bigger businesses that contribute to a strong and resilient economy.


To establish Ppehrc for Corporate Development as the preeminent organization for determining what is impeding a company's growth, resolving the issues impeding growth, and accelerating business growth.